Westminster Parking increase from £1 to £3.50 per day

Hi there all, im a newbie to this forum and incase people didnt already know just wanted to get this out there,

To all Bikers and Scooter riders in London, Westminster council are raising the parking rate from £1 per day to £3.50 a day as of 24th Oct this year. This is taking the piss especially as they have used the line " After much public discussion!!" ( Bollocks! )Please please send your complaints to [email protected] OR feel free to call the “Parking Tax Councillor” Lee Rowley on 02076412852Please pass this on!!Willer

I can’t find anything on the Westminster website about this.

When was it announced?

I saw it on the lamp post and parking signs in soho square this morning!

Errr, do you have any source for this info?I’d imagine they’d put the info here if they were going to increase the ratehttp://www.westminster.gov.uk/services/transportandstreets/parking/wheretopark/vehicletype/motorcycle/motorcycle-parking-costs/

Just relaying what i saw!

This is a link to a photo of the warning notice in soho square from westminster council


According to the council, these notices are FAKE! Nice one to everyone that called up to check!!