westminster parking from 6pm

have to go to an event in westminster tonight at park lane …normally work near st pauls so used to free parking but going to have to bite the bullet …

… now I knows its 630pm when the restrictions stop …

So are the wardens still as evil at 601pm … or any idea where I can fly park ?



Personally I’d pay 30mins on a meter, a lot cheaper than a fine, and the wardens go round on scooters a lot so can cover more roads right up to time limits

They are evil and I’d pay for the 30mins too

Just realised you didn’t say if your biking or car. Lots of free bike parking, but if in car don’t forget congestion charge depending on your route in.

I usually check for a Q car park near where I want to go as it free to park the bike in most and it’s out of sight

This one’s very good - never full, and it’s free. Go through the barrier and keep heading down. I think the majority of the 60-odd motorcycle spaces are on the sixth floor down. But not very close to Park Lane, unfortunately.

cheers folks … on a bike so will check it out …

double thanks for the q park tip …

there is one on park lane :slight_smile:


I love you all :smiley: