Westminster parking bay PCN

Got one of these lovely things on Friday after parking in a bay that I’d been parking in all week (and paying for the privilege naturally) but on the Friday had stupidly, whilst half-asleep, forgotten to send the payment text to pay for the day.

Is there any value at all in challenging this? On the basis that there was clearly no intent to deceive s I’d paid the previous 2 days for the same bay at the same time.

Or do I just need to suck it up?

All advice greatly received.

I have appealed to Westminster for one of those. I’d parked a bike and used their phone system but had setup the bike with a slightly differnt number plate (mine was an 07 I had set it up as 57). I paid for the parking for the wrong bike - so they accepted my argument that I didn’t intend to deceive (as you put it). It’s worth an appeal - if they reject it, pay it.

You may also want to look into the annual parking - £100 covers the whole year and there are shorter periods available too.

I got a couple of these when I forgot to buy the ticket… I paid for one, and I got off the other one because there was a problem with my card and I had tried at the time to pay…

You should defo appeal it if you have the time to… The worst that could happen is they’ll refuse it, but I always think the appeal is worth a shot

Appreciate the speedy responses. What I don’t have in my favour is an ‘attempt’ to pay, I simply forgot to even send the text. I guess I shall give it a shot anyway - I was just wondering whether anybody had done exactly the same as me and managed to appeal it successfully.

Agreed that the £100 a year makes sense but I just don’t use bike bays enough to warrant that.

You might find this topic useful!:Whistling::D:D:D


You can try to appeal, you could sight a problem with your phone but I doubt that will help. I got a fine in Westminster for parking illegally. I appealed with virtually no grounds and my appeal was rejected so I had to pay the fine. The appeal process didn’t change the cost of the fine and I think I still had 14 days to pay it following the outcome of the appeal.

My brother went all the way to a tribunal to get off a fine but he had grounds due to insufficient sineage. When I get parking fines they are usually my fault so I just pay them. Hazard of living in London.

Appeal it straight away. I got a fine one day after i forgot to pay for parking. I appealed straight away, telling the truth and asking them to check my record to prove that i always pay. Got it scrapped :slight_smile:

you can get off your first one especially since you were paying all week just say your phone was flat as its a point they were supposed to change

What I do is use their app - search “paybyphone”…once registered it is def far easier to pay…they have an app for iPhone though not sure about blackberry/android devices.

haha :smiley:

But i dont reckon you’ll win on that basis, so i’d just pay it. annual parking might be the way to go.

appeal everything imo. make charging for bikes as unprofitable as possible. :slight_smile:

this is the thing with a pay by phone system. if your battery is dead or your fancy phone is frozen up, you’re stuffed unless you plan ahead.

and sometimes, mobile phone networks crash…