Westminster Council - Bike Charging - The full story

Thanks to the efforts of our LB Reporter Mr Toby Stokes - we secured an interview with Westminster Council about the parking scheme. We also asked you what you thought - and here’s the video.


Here’s the full 30 min interview with Westminster City Council, after several people asked to hear the whole thing.

You can watch online here: http://blip.tv/file/138164

Download the file here: BlipTV File Download

me and my boss have just watched the video, and we are 100% behing the fight against parking charges!

Excellent video - well done.

Mind you I do think those bikes with all that extra luggage should pay extra as they take up more room

[looks around sheepishly]

Excellent, well made and a job well done!

Good job

good work guys

Good news report.

Theres no way its gonna cost much to remove a few yellow lines/resident parking bay markings and repaint rectangular boxes with the words “SOLO M/Cs ONLY”. The cost of the work could be so small that Westminster council could absorb it without it even being noticeable on their annual budget. And they’re blowing smoke up our arses with the “security” slant they’re using to try to justify this ridiculous charge.

This is PURELY a revenue raising scheme. Nowt else.

Greedy b*****ds.

Good work lads.

Who are those two likely geezers with spanners?

No comment

Good job!!!

And Bob Brennan of Metropolis gets his mug on camera too! ( Ace man Bob ! Sign up for your Trump now… )

Well done.

Can I say big thanks to Jimc for putting me onto Gerard Livett at MAG, Alastair Gilchrist of Westminster Council for the Interview and MattCBF600 for his efforts to get this live.

When I can find my file, I will try and get the transcript of the whole interview with Mr Gilchrist live onto the site so you can hear “From the horses mouth” the responses that Westminster Council is giving to bikers concerning scrapping free-parking for bigger for profits.

Can I also ask that anyone who has a genuine grievance or thinks they may have a good story, send me a PM. We’d like to try and get more of these stories onto video format, cos you lot and your YouTube fascination seem to love em… So if there’s anything you want looked into…let me know. Be warned I may not follow it up if I don’t think we can get a story out of “Why are Blue Kawasaki’s so much faster than Green one’s?”, but if you don’t ask, you never know if there’s a story there or not…right?

PM me with ideas if you want. I’ll try and respond to all I receive.

And if you think Westminster are wrong about this…DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT…it’s YOUR Community


Overall, a great production but it’d be good if you could use an overhead boom mic next time as the sound volume in interviews with Mr. Gilc*nt and others was not consistent with the rest of the production.

I assume, the digicams built in mic was used?

I can help out with sound engineering if required.

Great stuff Eugene. I know exactly what you mean though.
I bought a condenser mike but it just wasn’t good enough.

We’ve got zero budget and we’re using a hodge podge of kit. Don’t need help with sound, need help with funds, so if you knwo anyone with kit lying around doing nothing that might have a generous streak, I’m up to speed on boom mikes, clip mikes, radio mikes and SQN mixers.

Cheers, Toby-1

Nice video !

No one is convinced that it is a good idea, as people in the film said “They will have a fight on their hands”

Nice one…I’ll keep an ear out

Nice one…I’ll keep an ear out

Edit: Erm…Both of them…Double post

Thanks mate… that would be fantastic - if you want to help with the next one drop us a line.

It’s really difficult doing all this on borrowed kit - especially when we both use full on pro gear in our day jobs! We can’t remember how the crap stuff works!


Blinding !!

I like the French description …"stick ya fingers up and just dont pay it !! Quality !!

Oh and Mattster…The saying is…“Tip of the Iceberg”…

Not “Wedge”…

Good work !!