Westminster Car Parks

Sorry, I wasn’t sure where to put this…

So, I learned yesterday that car parks in Westminster are free for bikes. Hooray! I just wanted to ask what they’re like, the one in China Town in particular. Are the bike spaces usually crammed full or am I good to amble up whenever (it’ll mostly be evenings from about 1800–2100 I’ll be looking)? Is security good etc.?


The WCC car parks I’ve used are fine. The spaces tend to be at the bottom or top of the CP but the bays are marked and there is CCTV. There is usually a bloke on duty too.

Is there no other input on this (thank you Panda)? I’d really like to know if said parks are always full or not, please.

Never use them mate. I use the bays. No WCC car park near where I go in Westminster.
I used to cover the area of the one in Gerrard Street (Chinatown) and apart from the odd car break in, never heard of a bike getting nicked from there - mind you I left there 6/7 years ago.