westies birthday lunch ride

Well as its offically MY BIRTHDAY on sunday 20th may im having a rideout to the ace in the morning for a cuppa with grimbusa and debz, then we are tootling, and i say TOOTLING to a country pub for a spot of lunch. Anyone wishing to join us please feel free.


Righto, i will be arriving at the ace for 8.30am for a cuppa, then waiting for peeps to arrive, and leaving the ace for about 10am, and heading to a cracking country pub in sussex, its named after some parts of the body, thats all im saying! Tomtom will be programmed in, i havent set motorway route as it will be much nicer to do a and b roads, and make the most of the weather, then i fancy a bit of a pootle to the seaside and then back to the ace for a finishing cuppa.

Please note, this is NOT going to be a mad fast rideout, but brisk enough for the best of us!!!

see ya there xx

Oh I say splashing your cash about - thanks for the invite but arent we meant to treat you on your birthday

Im not bloody paying for everyones!!!

Just mine then

Mate I’d make it but I’m in Cannes. Have a good ride.

sounds like a good day out,and happy birthday mate

would love to of come but will be frolicking around snetterton

ooh get you ya flash git!

ooh, just seen this; I’ll see what AJ and I are up to and meet ya at the Ace hopefully even if its just a cuppa. What time ya getting there??

Sounds like a great excuse for a ride. Did you say about 9/half 9 at the Ace?

am off to drop the boys at nanny and grandad’s on sunday. they’ve got their bucket and spade packed. have a good day. love you xx

Working have a good birthday though mate!

Damn, I’m away too. Sorry, but have a good day anyway.

LF xx

thankyou all well yes i shall be at the ace from 9am, we can have a cuppa, and then pootle around some roads, ive got a nice looking pub to go to for lunch, i hope we get nice weather x

ahhhh, we’ve got some people coming round to our place tomorrow so won’t be able to come on the rideout - tho i’ll see if i can make it over to the ace 1st thing for a coffee & birthday hug

I’ll see you in the morning for brekkie. I’ll probably go on the fast ride after it

Well, I’ll see you at the Ace in the morning but I’ll be staying on to do Bike safe!

Have a good ride!


I thought it was ‘boys’ only

yes no girls allowed, thats why im not going

ooh so excited about tommorrow, dont know why i aint gettin feck all!

im coming so you get to see me but im bring the (according to westie) the bunny boiler

see you at the ace at 9am