Westfield White City

Just been there on the bike for a first time in ages and impressed with the new locker system they have there for motorcycles that doubles up as ground anchor for chain.

Realistically it won’t stop the most determined thief, but what will?!

Just good to see bikers being thought about and a handy place to leave helmet, jacket and gives whilst shopping


Nice. How you get in? Could use when I go to the cinema.

Use car park A, there’s signs pointinng bikes, skirt around the gate and there’s loads of lockers by the bike park just either side of the barriers


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You’ll need your own disclock to secure the locker though, managed to get helmet, gloves, jacket (there’s a hanger), tank bag and Krista rucksack in

yay with this sort of thing!

lets hope other shopping centres learn from this. That is actually really handy!!

I’ve been to Westfield with my motorcycle precisely because I saw a post like this before hand. Definitely a plus and gives me an incentive to visit and shop at Westfield - shame i cant tow my 2 kids and wife on the bike!

I’d say that’s a bonus :innocent:


The cynical part of me thinks that give it a few months and they’ll start charging for it, however if it was only a £1 I’d be happy

Na this has been around for about a year. I find it most usefull not having to walk around with my helmet and other gear.

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