westfazer is back!

Happy new year to all, just to let you know, after careful consideration i have returned to my original username of westfazer, i felt uncomftable being called westie, but its still my nickname, so there we go.

Long live westfazer!!!

New Year - Old Name Hello Westfazer - welcome back

thankyou debz, good to be back, hehe

Coooeee westfazer

coooeee loops xx

why didnt u like westie?

you stll look like a Kenneth to me…

ooooooooooooooooooooooh matron



You’ll always be Westie to me, daaaaahling

me to… nice one matty!!

shut it you old closet queen!

Oh snap!!!

It’s on now. ROFL

gawd you change your name more than I have hot dinners

meeow! hardly dahhhling! x