West London

Having a chat with a friend the other day, and we both noticed there doesn’t seem alot round here 'til u get further out into the country, we’re both mag members, in our 30s, enjoy rallies etc, we’re not riding race reps. Does anyone know of any weekly meets/ pubs or caffs etc out this way or in nearby areas-not necessarily on our doorsteps, either to get out for an hour during the week or just a coffee etc ?

Cant think of any off the top of my head, nothing to stop us finding some though :smiley:

The Boot at Sarrat sometimes has a bike night, second monday of the month it has been.

i think there is a mag meeting in twickenham, if thats any good

haha, cheers 4 the replies, oddly enough it was at the Twickenham mag weekly meeting we had the chat ! There’s quite a a few places out of town if u go out to Oxford/Reading /Wycombe etc, but we were looking 4 something reasonably nearby to pop out to during the week…be alright if we were keen on bridge or badminton…there’s also alot of yoga classes I have noticed…

Ace on a Wednesday & Friday night

Fox’s now the H Cafe in Oxford (it’s not far for a week night jaunt) on Monday nights

Borough Market Wednesday nights

Aye, Fox’s is good - some nice roads on the way there, too.
Queen Victoria in Hare Hatch on a monday night, too.Hare Hatch is just the other side of Maidenhead on the A4.