West London Newbie

Hi folks!

Only just discovered these forums, and having rummaged about this seems a very friendly place to visit.

I’d been riding scooters for years, mostly for commuting - it had to be scooters as I’ve got a dodgy lower back and can’t ‘get my leg over’ easily. It also meant good protection from the elements and the ability to shift position for maximum comfort.

A couple of years ago my wife died, and found myself in the lucky position to be able to take early retirement, so began to get much more interested in riding for its own sake. Took my test, and rode an X9 250 for the requisite period, then acquired an X9 500. Both these bikes have taken me all over the UK and France, with excursions into Belgium for beer and baccy. In those two years I’ve ridden a total of 45,000 miles in all weathers, and still can’t help a grin each time I set off.

The other X9’s are used by my sons, and yes that’s a trailer in the background - the 500 pulls that very comfortably, even when full of beer!

I look forward to meeting some of you in Real Life.

welcome to LB, get your self down to the newbie meet at the ace on the 4th december see ride out section for more info


Those pics look like baby goldwings trailer an all



Scooter trailer?! I didn’t even know there was such a thing

Welcome… X9 and a trailer… Would that work on my bike? Could get rude of the car then… Put the kiddo in it… :wink:

Thanks guys.

I’ll try to get to the Ace on Monday 4th, have to leave by 21:00 as I have another pub appointment nearer to home. Might even get to Ryka’s tomorrow by 10:00 - but that depends on waking up in time!

A very warm welcome sir! Get yourself down to the newbie meet - then make sure you get yourself a Christmas Party ticket :slight_smile:


Hi Jim, not sure bout the trailer m8 Get a caravan

Welcome to LB’s

Welcome Jim. For once you warned me before bumping into me on some forum or other! :slight_smile:

Heh, well met yet again!

As to the trailer - it was because I’d finally decided to bin the car. I’d only used it 4 times in a year, and that was to ferry other people about! So I just found a trailer on Ebay (I didn’t realise it was an exact matching colour until I picked it up, honest Guv!), got a towbar fitted, and can now do things like dump runs, buy TVs, etc etc without the fuss, fiddle and frustration of being in a cage.

The trailer originally belonged to a Pan Euro owner, and I had the towbar made and fitted by Freewheel, who turned out to have made the Pullman trailer in the first place!

I’ve now got to suss out how to convert it to a sleigh for the Ace Christmas Toy run (17th Dec).

Blimey Jimc, i only saw you this morning and i didnt know you knew about this forum. I cant seem to get away from you.

<groan>Similar sentiments</groan>

Welcome to LB Jimc, maybe ill see you down the Ace on 4/12 for the newbie meet

Poke poke with da newbie stick

Pull up a chain & Enjoy
Da Artist

welcome newbee

Welcome jimc, and brace yourself, this is gonna HURT!

Petrol tank refilled, should be fine now.

Pop, BANG, pop – bugger, water in the petrol! Fancy a BANG with the newbie stick instead of a SLAP or a POKE?

No? Oh well, just enjoy the fireworks.