WeRide App

Sorry if already posted or in wrong place.

Saw this App advertised the other day.


There is already a thread on this app -


I did try using it to help coordinate the motorcycle support I organised for a charity 100 mile cycle ride for Kent, Surrey, Sussex Air Ambulance back in June. On the good side, when it works it is useful. Early on in the day it helped show where some of our team were as they approached so we could see all but one were on time.

Two major problems. The reason why the person looked like they were going to be late is that the server that holds the location info is flakey and either gets overloaded (later in the day the system was useless as the server returned no locations) or just simply does not update people;s position. Ken was not in bed, he was on his way to meet us.

The second problem was that once outside the M25 it was rarely possible to get reliable 3G signal without which the app is useless.

The app certainly has promise, and may have improved as I have not used it for three months.

Ive never heard of it, but im downloading it… :slight_smile:

I’ve got it on my phone just keep forgetting to use it…there’s a few from here got it

Will add it today :slight_smile: