We're to Interview James Toseland & Colin Edwards

Yeah, I know how tough it is, I did the all arms commando course.

Ask em if they wanna support the R6 tenner sponsorship fund?! :smiley:

Sorry dude missed this before i replied to PM,

Who did you serve with?

JT is on BBC1 in a minute…0830 on wed…

As both have come from a WSB background, can you ask what their opinion is on the GP academys that are developing new talent like Danny Webb and Stevie Bonce.

For JT, is he worried or feel extra pressure now that we have such strong young talents in the 125s as if all goes well for Scott Reading, Danny Webb and Bradley Smith they will be up in the premier class in a few years?

How pleased would he be to have good British rivals to battle it out?, and if there were more than one British rider in the premier class would this finally bring the profile of the sport up enough to get proper support and development investment in British talent?

Don’t get excited about my quality questions, just tell them that it was me that asked and get me a pass to shoot (Photograph) the GP, for a season or for the rest of my life…

I’d like to know if the thought of doing the TT has ever entered into JT’s head:)


Great questions guys… Thank you so much… I can’t wait to ask him them for you… I’ll try not to dribble TOO MUCH, well maybe just a bit… lol:hehe::hehe::hehe::hehe:

Is this still open? If so…

Q1) How did it make you feel being labelled as “dangerous” after only a couple of races?

Q2) Racing using techniques from WSB seemed to be the cause behind being labelled dangerous, have you toned down your agressive style transferred from WSB or just adapted the riding style? To us it made for spectacular viewing, as it did watching you in WSB.

Oh 1 more, Mrs BigSV would like to know if you’d like to come over for tea? :smiley:

OoOoOo i like it!

I would like to ask the Team (James and Colin):

I commute in to London everyday on my bike and often compare it to the racing, overtaking, undertaking and aggressive manoeuvring, it can sometimes feel like doing battle !

Have they ever ridden in London during rush hour? and

Can each of them tell us something funny happening to them when they were on a ride out?

I would also love to know, what bikes they have in their garages back home? ……

Wipe ya chin foxy…not a good look all that dribble ;):slight_smile:

When he was younger did James ever aspire to ride like any older riders, for example Foggy?

How does it now feel to be a more significant role model for youngsters than Foggy will ever be?

When James was 16 I witnessed him win his first race ever at Brands Hatch. He was so excited he popped a wheelie and flipped his bike (CBR600):D.

Did he have any idea then that he would be world champion?

Thanks everyone. This is now closed.