We're to Interview James Toseland & Colin Edwards

We’re going to be interviewing Tech 3 Yamaha’s James Toseland and Colin Edwards at this weekend’s British MotoGP event at Donington Park. James is Britain’s best rider for a long time and our best chance to put the cat amongst the pigeons in the MotoGP paddock.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have any questions you’d like to ask either of them? We’ll use the best questions as part of our interview.

This is your chance to be a part of something special!

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ask him what’s his favourite cheese :cool:

I’d like to know if or what rituals or superstitions they have pre race.


What do they think about the use of qualifying tyres? Are they a good thing ?

how will he keep grounded when he gets to Donny with the Toseland Mania that’s bound to ensue?

With his competitors using their ‘home track’ knowledge to their full advantage and claiming victories is this realistically his only chance of a victory this season?

will he be taking requests before he plays the piano- if so can he play ol’ blue eyes’ The lady is a Tramp…?

Have either, or both, of them “done” Suzi Perry?

What??, it’s a legitimate question - to finally lay to rest all the rumours:D

Will Colin be using JT’s set up info for Donny? Even though he’s done it loads already?

Awesome i’d love to be doing that interview!

Chunks there some awesome questions mate i have lots of superstitions and i know Rossi does but i reckon Toseland and Edwards are a bit to cool for all that?

Anyway i’d ask Edwards - Who is the best and worst teamates he has ever had?

I’d ask Toseland who he thinks can make it to motogp from Britain after himself. And also i’d ask him about his training and fitness weekly routines as i’ve heard there incredible.

yeah i’ve heard that toesland is well fit :Whistling:

Jay,Could you ask either or both of them how the motogp paddock differs to World Superbike. Is it more relaxed or fun in one than the other?

Does James feel more pressure on him from the British press/fans now he’s doing well (top 10’s etc) in gp than he did going for a World championship in Superbikes?

Who has Colin learned the most from in his time in gp racing? Or do you just have to pick it all up on your own?

(I think the cheese question’s the best so far though:D)


Same question as I wanted you to ask last time.

“James, can you play “My old man’s a dustman” on the piano, and, part 2, what’s your favourite Chas n Dave song.”

This time, don’t pussy out and ask the question that matters.

Ask Toseland who he’d most like to do a duet with…which band or singer and then which rider :smiley:

ask toseland will he marry me lol :stuck_out_tongue:

hubba hubba

you lucky git!

Ask Edwards if he ever shagged Suzie ‘‘no nickers’’ Perry and if so was she any good?

She is

Serious contributions please :slight_smile:

JT - have you ever ridden a road bike that you could compare to a GP bike in any way?

Edwards - do you ever think about going back to WSB? And if you did who would you want to ride for?

To both - if there was one person you could go for a pint with, who would it be and why?

to JT - can i have the phone numbers for all your brolly girls please…??:cool:

I’d like to know how many sets of leathers they would get through in an average season.

When they are damaged, do they get repaired as they always seem to look like new.

Mine WAS a serious question, I’m betting on the Sideboard song.

The obvious plus side is it will be something he HASN’T been asked 2 dozen times in the previous 3 days.

James recently went down to the Royal Marines to attempt Royal Marine selection (the same thing i have to do in October)

Will you ask him how he found it? Was it tough, or did he breeze it?

Can you ask Colin, or tell even! Some english man, with the yank mrs called Stacka wants his socks back! He’ll know im on about! (i hope cos ill look bloody silly other wise)

I assume he did some of the commando tests, any idea which bits?

http://www.yamaha-motor.co.jp/global/race/topics/2008/001/index.htmlSee above, i think they just did the PRMC things.



Watch the video, i know it looks easy…i was fooled, but god its the hardest thing i have ever done!!!You would have to be a very well trained athelet to do the Commando Tests, i.e. 30mile yomp, 9miler, endurance course, etc etc http://www.royalmarines.mod.uk/server/show/nav.6859