We're moving!

We’ve outgrown our current home on the web, so are moving to a new, dedicated hosting arrangement. This means that in the next day or two at some point, you will be presented with a closed LB site. When your internet provider updates their records of where we will now be, you will see the site once more.

Please don’t panic when you can’t see LB!

The new hosting will mean the site will be faster to use, and we’ll have a lot more capacity to make wonderful new features for you all, and the site will be more reliable as well, if all goes to plan. We have big things planned for the future…

O m’God, what am I gonna do for the next few days…

The down-time should be between 12-48 hrs at the most. Just print a couple of pages out from the site and put them on the walls to keep you going…

Nice idea.

Just finished current game too. And washed the bike. No ironing to do.


Oh, wait. What did you say?


Ha, that’ll be the day.

Don’t know about you but I’ll be going to Barney

Will your leathers be ready this weekend as going up tomorrow so can pick them up Friday?

Actually they are in transit as we speak. Supposed to be here today hence I’m hanging around like a spare part.

They’re paying the postage so hopefully your services will not be required.

Cheers anyway, I’ll buy you a drink at the :whisper: Secret Bunker nxt time.

I’ve got two loads of ironing, Andrew… My handwashing needs doing (undies & stockings… ) My windows need cleaning. I’d love to have my flat painted, too, as I hate magnolia with a quite scary and irrational hatred. I also need to do something with my exhaust, it looks (and probably is) rusty (apparently, mainly serious petrol damage). I need to source the cheapest Creative Zen 6+gb (pref pink :blush so I can listen to more music on my commute. I need to find a job.

Damn girl, you’ve got loads to do. What’s that you said about hand wash

Avast m’hearties!

Sorry, got tired real quick and had to retire to my basket for a sleep. Dreamt I was a dog. Anyway, been for walkies and normal service is resumed.

Thought you had a job Paivi?

careful with the creative zen 6gb - they have an inherent fault where the audio jack socket becomes loose and breaks easily.

My friend, went through 3 of them, and now has the 20gb version with nothing but praise.

Thanks, Steve! Will have a look at the 20Gb one. Andrew, I have a job, but I want a proper one, one that I’d actually enjoy. Not going to find one of those in the Square Mile, though, methinks.

Is that a pirate season? lol

LB is growing for better, please keep your support! Thanks guys

Oh Paivi. can I be your butler for the day? I would love to do your hand washing

Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh, no LBfor a couple of days !!!Look forward to the future plan’s on LB.Good on ya Jay,Foxy and Cezar

paivi - i have the 40gb creative zen and its fantastic…

amazing battery life and more memory than i’ll ever really need… its been round the world with me and been used on hot beaches and at the top of huge mountains in south america…

great piece of kit and recommend it fully!

got mine for £115 on tottenham court road… happy searching.


Lol and if my brother can keep it for more then a year then it must be good but it does pong a bit

We are back!!!