We're hiring! Roles in IT

updated as of 29/04/2014

I work for a company based in Richmond we also have offices in Grantham and around the World and we’re hiring!

Jobs available in the UK:


CRM Development Analysts (CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management)

CRM Analysis Director

Experience in Targeted Marketing or Direct Marketing beneficial

If you would like more information, please PM me!

i am after an I.T Technicians job.

I feel i would be unskilled for that role though

(notice period ends 19th Jul)



John x

What’s the Space Management job? Do you just look at a space, take a sharp intake of air and say yes/no if something will fit? if so I’m more than qualified, I’ll even bring my own clipboard and tape measure :smiley:

Or go outside, look up and go “yep, still seems to be there!” :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be interested in the space management gig. Does it pay well? Will I get to go into space, or do I have to find some space to manage?

Cleaner but have access to comms room.


I was once a visual enhancement consultant.

Window cleaner :hehe:

Don’t be daft, no space management involved. Did you not see the word “consultant”?

Dude… don’t just put your CV out in the open like that… you have your name, DOB and address on that document!

Space management… the rest of you can bugger off, I’m the most qualified as I physically occupy the largest space so have more experience… :slight_smile:


I’ve got a very smart friend who’s looking to move to London in around a month and move progress in a technical discipline. I think the Analyst role would be a good starting point however he definitely has strong potential to quickly accelerate up the ladder once he gets to grips.

Any chance I could grab your details / company details and put you guys in touch? He’s a fellow motorcyclist but not on here.