Went to a club on Saturday...

at the grand of age of cough 29, I was actually asked how old I was at the door, needless to say I spluterred a bit and said errm too old, 29 - It wasn’t until I got inside that I realised I should be bloody chuffed at that - especially seeing as im 30 in a month and a bit!

I’m so very jealous!

Dont know why Lusty - you only look 21 yourself

Flattery will get you everywhere babe

Oh and about those NHS specs you wear…

Nicely done!

I got ID’d buying beer in a supermarket on the way to wheelie school. Sherrie was with me!

On this the first day of my 32nd year I think my days of being ID’d are a thing of distant memory…

Well Debz is 45 (shhhhhhh) this Sunday and the young men in the supermarket still question her age when buying booze

And just how far will flattery get them?

It worked for me - can’t get rid of her now

Get a good brief? … As long as you are a willing participant it’s all good… nowt worse than being stalked

45? NO WAY

Reminds me of last summer!

I went with two younger friends to a concert at Milton Keynes Bowl. My friends went to buy a few bottles of coke and brought them back, but when I went to buy a bottle of coke, the vendor wouldnt let me keep the lid! Apparently, once empty, I could fill it with another liquid, throw it and hurt somebody in the crowd!

FFS, I’m a 36 year old mother of two at a Take That concert Hardly the days of the mosh pit now is it! rofl!

I obviously look dodgy (just saying that before someone else did)

45… and Grim’s got the grey hair

I said shhhhhhhhhhh - she will have my balls for earrings

Take That & Dolly Parton whats next the Bee Gees

Studs then?

She has worn me out - that’ll be you soon

balls for earrings hmmmmmm still has to better than riding a Suzuki

SSShhhh, my hardcore image will be in tatters

OMG the cheek!