went out for another ride

went with 3 friends up to Scotland, had a great time riding all the small routes through the Glens, the roads up to the Isle of Skye ferry were a hoot, then a quick blast through Skye and back over the bridge.We had a blast through the Cairngorms in glorious weather, and then back down south via the A701 to Moffat for an overnight stop.the A701 is a jewel of a road and well worth a visit if you are in the area.All this in 3 days :slight_smile: last day got a call that my wife had been taken ill, got back to Reading in 5 1/2 hours inc 2 refuels (started with 1/4 tank) 334 miles ! to find wife OK and weather even hotter than Scotland !
one downer, one of my friends had pushed ahead in a row of traffic, and was with another group of bikes, and thus got pulled by 2 traffic police when the whole group was waved down, we got waved on and had to wait for 20mins while all their insurance and paperwork was checked, finally they were let go with 2 of them getting tickets for non-standard number plates :w00t: its a shme the police weren’t targeting poor driving on the A9 where 4 people died in a head on collision the next day :frowning: but I guess they can’t be everywhere .


Great pics Kenny … I’ll be heading up there on the bike for 3 weeks at the end of August, looking forward to those roads.

Those roads look FANTASTIC!:cool:

Nice pics:)