Wembley stadium

Just heard on the radio projected spend could top 1 billion pounds… Only 600 odd million over the original budget.

What is it with this country, are we as soft as ****e? Where does it all go, someone is taking the piss big time. How can this be allowed to happen? Line the managers up and shoot them.

It is not like this has not happend before, Millennium Dodo?

And what about the Olympics in 2012, how much will that cost us… and our children…

The Gooners have built a lovely stadium and surrounding area on a fraction of that.

I know mate I live right next to it and have watched it being built for a few years now! Makes me laugh that its not ready and they have got problems. The longer it stays shut the better for me! I hope the whole things goes down the sh1tter!

Ah yes, the Emirates Stadium. On budget and on time. It just makes you wonder about Wembley. How many people are getting rich on kick backs?

I think you’ll find that those of us who pay council tax to a London borough are paying for 2012 already, without the option.

I thought it was a fixed budget contract, that would mean that the builders should have lost a fortune.