Well what gentlemen!

To all the t0ssers who left the poor newby to try pick up her bike on Sheppards Bush roundabout this morning - thanks

Just can’t beleive how ignorant people can be, she was obviously struggling and people just rode/drove around her. Was late myself this morning, still, only a minutes delay to help GRRR!

Well done mate!

There really is no excuse not to stop for something like this - if only to be told all is okay please carry on!

Good on ya for doing what was required!

what he said

Shocking, even if I see a biker on side of road, I will always gesture to see if they’re ok! Well done fella

Pretty poor show.

They must have been commuters not bikers.

I had to ride past a cyclist knocked to the floor this morning. It wasn’t nice not to stop, but what could I do? There were already a few attending to him, another cyclist direting traffic around (I assume someone had called an ambulance) & I’m not trained in first aid.

Is someone going to oganise first aid training for LB? as was mentioned recently?

hi. i just put up a post about st johns training for first aid in reading on 10 june, and other places…go for it geez

No excuse for it! None at all! We’re a community, whether you know them personally or not. I would stop and help without even thinking about it.

thats shameful, i always try to help stricken people, bikers or not

Last time i came of my bike the guy behind me was on the horn and shouting out the window befor i even stoped rolling…

“get your ****** bike of the road… bla bla”

this is london…