Well, this is a bit of a revelation


I never considered this.


I saw that on Twitter! I didn’t know either! Feel so stupid.


wow… well what a mug I am.


lol :flushed:


angled valves can shear off at high speeds … a mate had them fail and deflate his tyre on the track in germany and terrify him to death …thankfully he managed to come to a stop but the 'ring charged him for stopping on track

they are fine for road use and common on scooters


But was that the seperate angled adapters or the actual angled valves you can have similar to triumph ? Doubt if it was the valves myself


As above, angled valves are as secure as straight valves, its the adapters that should be avoided. If space is restricted angled valves should be a no brainer and a cheap as chips upgrade to have fitted at your next tyre change or, my weapon of choice here is an angled adaptor fitting for the compressor line.