well thats the 7r the gt750 the bandit and the zx 10 gone

bikes slowly going…

also sold 2 gt380’s

KR1 and KR1s under offer

to go are the KH400, h2 x 2, rgv250 track bike, rg250 the gt550 and another gt380 and my R1…boo hoo…keeping the kh500

Feel for you!! I’d be gutted, at least you’re keeping 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Why the sales???

Aww mate this aint good to read.

Are you sure you’re not being a bit hasty mate?

How are you getting on 2stroke. Are you on the mend?

how much for the rgv track bike ? :slight_smile:

yes slowly getting better, well stronger, the better bit is a while away yet unless the nerves fix themselves which is still a possibility…but not a lot of action as of yet…

Still got very low energy levels and not sleeping that good but each day I am moving up the ladder and for sure this week I feel tons better than last week…

Yes it is a bit hasty chunks but I cant keep them here too much temptation and I really am done riding bikes for a while…cant put my family, friends and business’ through this again…too many dependants

Damn shame 2T but understand your reasoning, there are times when you gotta think of your family guess this is one of them, how are things progressing on the health front now any improvements ?

Sorry to hear about bikes going, but understand why.

Glad that you are still making progress.

Sound like it’s been a real uphill struggle, but you have the right head on, and I’m sure you will make a full recovery with your positive attitude.

All the best.

Good that you’re on the mend.

How much for the KH400?

m8 I really feel for you. I remember the day I owned up to myself that I wasn’t going to get back on my feet and sold my beloved 750, it was a poignant moment and an extremely pragmatic decision.That said, bp injuries aren’t the end (I presume this is the biggie with you?) so why not hold onto one bike that you really love and mothball it for a brighter day? You might be glad you did.

would take 1000 for her…on ebay think she will go for around 1200

yes i will keep the kh500 and just maybe one of the h2’s and likely the rg250 which is a lovely little bike…

Not totally convinced I am done riding but this is certainly the biggie for me…after all these years of relatively minor knocks and falls to have this biggie with my experience has really buggered me for riding…though I was better than this…but thats life and i am getting better and the arm whilst not recovering from the nerve damage still has a bit of time and if it doesnt recover then its time to operate and get some function back via a nerve re-route job…not looking forward to the 18 to 24 months of re lerning the new nerve endings but if thats what it takes…

Just got to get myself fit first…thats the priority and strong again some work to do for sure

Good luck mate, keep at it, hope it goes well.

I’ll look after an H2 for you mate;):cool:

such a sad post…really…it is…

my biggie was filled with thoughts of the same nature…altho,i hated myself for letting it happen to me and have me being dependant on other people for everything…i thought about getting rid of my bikes…but that would have been even more painfull…

glad ur keeping atleast 2 strokesie…ide be lost without my pair;).

mend quickley brother…


not sad just a bit of life…i have been riding bikes since I was five…I am 50 now…never been without a bike since I was 12…and likely I never will…its just time to think of others instead of myself for now…so my family win all ways around…

wish you a speed recovery mate!!

I remember when i went to your place and you showed us all your toys!!

really envy you at that time!:smiley: