well that was a scary jouney home in this weather tonight

just got home. that has to be the most scary journey or ride i have ever ever done. the a406 then a2 were waterlogged, i could also feel my breaks were a lot less responsive. buffeted on all the bridges and stupid idiots going to fast and getting to close as well as LGVs. rode through many deep “puddles” . ferry and dartford crossing were shut and blackwall was slow moving. but it always happens at home or nearly did. a van driver pulls out on me in my own road, i beeped long and managed to brake and swerve, cannot believe i havent dropped my bike yet not that i want to the driver said he wasnt concentrating… i said in this weather you fucking should be. get indoors soaked through. yeah the bike almost became a kite and then it sometime became a submersible

I took the train home and left my bike at work for the holidays.

Just couldn’t be bothered riding it home in the dark, the rain, the wind and the idiots trying to get home.

Glad you made it back safe.
I decided to stay off the bike today.

there are so many caged assholes out there

I know how you feel, took me over 2 hours, M4 was fun, not, so skipped M25 and went on A406, a lot less side winds. Amazing how fast and close everyone was driving, utter loonies. Have a good Xmas and New year

Ah tomorrow I have to go to Dagenham from Haywards Heath with a big backpack…

Train is not an option as they’re doing work and a 40min trip straight to london with three stops, now is 2 train and 1 bus trips that will take 1hr40…

It’s going to be a fun fun ride tomorrow then!

It’s crazy out there, got to admit I used the car.
Glad you are all safe…best stay in the warm and dry now…
Merry Christmas.

i have to go back into work tomorrow then on friday (near chingford. i go from bexleyheath/erith)

thats if my varadero 125 starts again. it got pretty waterlogged

I remember when I bought my Varadero 125 in Hinckley, Leicestershire. It tipped it down in easily one of the worst downpours I’ve ridden in and I had to A road it back as I was on a CBT. What a stable machine!

It was well windy yesterday. If I didn’t have such long legs I’m pretty sure the bike would have blown over when stationary - waiting at a roundabout I had to plant my feet firmly on the ground and as far apart as they could go, to stop the bike falling over.

A lot of car drivers are being fukin stupid. Following too close, swerving around to avoid standing water, going too fast across water and generally being stupid.

I’ve also seen what seems to be a big rise in the number of cars driving along in the dark, and in the daytime. As well as that I’ve seen many cars driving around with only their crappy side lights on.

I’m no angel on the roads but it does seem to me like the standard of driving is rather poor. I was in Sainsbury’s car park today and going along a main stretch when a car came up to the line of a side stretch - I bibbed to make sure he’d seen me, but the guy just pulled right out in front of me. I had to slam the brakes and beeped again, at which point the driver finally decided to look my way and stop. Twaaaat.

Yep must agree cagers don’t take into account it’s even more difficult and dangerous for bikers in wet and windy conditions. I had an idiot in a Porsche swerve and pull in front of me not giving much chance to brake in the wet. After a brief exchange of words he was left in no doubt as to the stupidity of his actions.

I would’ve got to work much sooner on that evening but because of the dumbfuk drivers and rubber neckers it took me 20 minutes longer. I didn’t even see a reason for slow traffic which seems to be the norm as of late. I have never experienced such poor driving standards and inept drivers in any other country before. At least 80% of the cagers I meet during my commute should not even be allowed to walk a dog let alone drive a car!

Know what you mean! I rode the T’Bird home just through London. It weighs 52 Stone, but was being blown all over the place. Not fun.

Have you had yours lightened then Chris? :wink:

Yup: took the sissy bar and back-rest off! TBH they look a bit wank.

Time to head home and the weather is looking fierce… this is going to be interesting.

Will pop by brighton beach to see the waves! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t look too bad in west end… will make a break for it ASAP!

meh was ok… only on one part of the seafront road did it get quite gusty bust still nothing too much.

time to go for a swim now :slight_smile:

Flippin’ 'eck… obviously the same wallopers who were out in their cages just before Christmas started back at work yesterday and haven’t managed to improve their skills much over the Christmas/New Year period. I need these for the bike and the car…

Ride back on the M4 tonight was absolutely horrendous. What is it with cars braking abruptly to a stop in the outside lane, slowing down no apparent reason :frowning:
This morning was no better. Stood around on the M4 for an hour waiting for the coppers to clear the road of a bad accident