Well it's started

I know this is old news but it made me giggle.

As a bouncer I just couldn’t keep a straight face lol

Night Club rules

I can’t wait for the chavs to give you some “it is because I is white” bs…
I think that friday night entertainment might get a lot cheaper soon…just go to your nearest night club and look at physionomiste as they sometime call themselves in the poshest of club having to be PC about the reason for which they are refusing entry. Can’t wait :smiley: I can see a reality show coming :cool:

Don`t care i can still get in.:smiley:

I remember the days . . . . . . . “No white shirts aloud mate . . . . .” or “Over 21s” (I was only 19 at the time)

Would i go back to the door of a normal bar/club?

Doubt it!