well it didn't take long - need some recommendations on more kit!

love the pentax and tamron combo for most of what i’ve been shooting. however now trying to do interior marketing shots for property and need some more toys

so can anyone give some recommendations on a decent adjustable hot shoe flash and a wide angle lens (at the more budget end of the market)


Maybe a pint glass if you looking for budget lol :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s just a thought but I think you might struggle to get an interior looking nice with a hot shoe flash. To do it nicely you really need several decent flash units. If you really want to go down the budget route I would recommend using a tripod and slow shutter speeds (rather than increasing ISO. Oh and don’t change the aperture either - just the shutter speed). If you have big exposure differences (dark corners and light windows for example) then take a few different exposures and just comp them together in photoshop.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Wide-angle wise it’s worth looking at the Sigma 10-20mm if they do it with a Pentax mount. I have the canon version and have been very impressed with it - especially given it’s modest price. Flash-wise you can’t go too far wrong with the EF range. They tend to have a good range of features for relatively little money :cool:

Have to agree with sam, Im also keen on the sigma 10-20 for landscape photography, have a look on ebay as there are some shops selling them for below £300 just (£290) although this ones worth keeping an eye on


Ditto all of the above.

The Sigma 10-20 is one of my fave lenses although i think Tamron do a similar range too. But with that type of lens you’ll prob get fish-eye type distortion at the extreme wide setting which, indoors esp, will be very obvious given the number of verticals - walls to name one. This can be corrected in post production but basically by cropping, which defeats the point of the lens.

perhaps shooting several shots on a less wide angle lens is better, certainly something I’d think about, then merge them together. Mebbe Pentax gave you some software for that, or PHotoshop can do it too, basically you stitch together shots to produce a full panorama type result.

Re the flashes, Mike’s bang on the money. Even our £300 units will struggle to light an interior evenly and attractively. You just get too much shadow and too much fall off with a single unit.

So perhaps the answer, unexpectedly, is to get a good sturdy tripod (Manfrotto or Gitzo, £150+) and remote release then learn some new software skills.

A wider lens would be nice for sure but they do bring their own issues.

Check out some “photostitching” tutorials on the web perhaps? Get an idea about it.

cheers for the replies!had photostitch bundled with a canon point n shoot a few years back (was actually on the cam with software to line it up properly afterwards). not a bad idea, esp as you say andrew, the vertical lines are a bit of a tricky one. will have a look at doing that.

nice one on that link babyj - will give it some serious thought

think my girlfriend’s father has a tripod knocking around in his lockup so hopefully have sorted that part! (if you’d seen the gorillapod-propped-on-stacked-objects effort i was doing you’d have laughed :smiley: )

been working on some high level property developments and the photographers they used were using a seperate flash to bounce off the ceilings vs exposure on the cam. Did work well to get a decent balance with the windows/create more even light to work with (and made a massive difference on more dull days where the light was fairly flat). they were using pretty high end stuff tho and were in a bit of a hurry so didn’t get to bend their ears for long/didnt’ know what was at the lower end of the market equip wise. without the flash the light from spotlights on shots i found particularly hard to work with, esp in bathrooms when i was taking shots for my slightly more meagre place i’m selling

so i take it if i want to go the flash route i have to flash the cash? (sorry, thats REALLY bad but couldn’t resist :hehe: )

what money am i talking and any particular ones to check out? obviously want something thats got a good range of adjustment on it

If you get the chance pop into WH Smiths as Digital SLR Photography mag have a test of the Sigma 10-20mm on page 94 and if you flip over the page there is a test of the Pentax 12-24mm :smiley: not that im sad or anything :pinch: just been bored waiting for my new lens to arrive from America

haha, nice one, will check it out

Hi Ben, ok so re the flash thing then really you should aim for a Pentax unit tbh. Sigma do pro-spec units and I used one for a number of years until earlier this year I got the top Canon model the Sigma unit was imitating. And although the Sigma unit wasn’t really bad or anything, I can tell now that it just didn’t work as accurately and quickly as the Canon unit.

Metz are a flash maker of many many years standing and were a popular choice with pro’s until cameras got really fancy with their flash control. Now I see very few being used, almost everyone uses a matched flash and camera combo these days.

But, my 580EX II is nearly £300 while the Sigma almost half that. But you’ll also want an extension lead (£30 ish) to be able to hold the unit away from the camera for greater shooting options.