well im back home now

had a great time in Ibiza…took loads of pics and vids…saw loads of DJ’s and raved my ass off for 7 whole days and nights…!!:w00t:.

came home at around 6 am yeasterday morning and while we circled London to land…i started sneezing like mad on the plane and that was it…an hour later iv got a horrible bloody head cold and am ill.good job it held off untill i got back home eh?..lol

so im sat with the lemsip,going threw all my pics and thought ide show a few off here…

god i soo didnt want to come home and miss it already…ohh well…cant wait till next year now…lol

taken outside my hotel room

mrs smiled raving in Eden were we saw Pete Tong

privalage were we saw Tiesto

me getting ready to go out again…lol…caught the sun a wee bit i think…


Welcome back you :slight_smile: Nice pics, looks like you and your Mrs had a good time :smiley:

Never been into the ‘rave’ scene (well, a few yrs ago I was), have to admit the first & last pics look fab, not what you’d think Ibiza to look like really, gets such a bad press in all those stupid Brits Behaving Badly Abroad type tv shows, but looks like a great place, and hope you had plenty of aftersun to hand…any ‘white bits’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, did she? :wink: :smiley: or, more to the point, did you!? :sick:Welcome back mate, GWS.

Welcome back you Ole Raver You;)

Hope the cold clears up soon mate

I hope you bought us all a stick of rock back;):D:D

Looks like you had a wicked time luvvie…but have to say you look like a LOBSTER!!:D:w00t::wink:

gws have a hot bath and go back to bed:D

…head cold eh…


I SAY LOOKS LIKE YOU HAD FUN!, Are you out later? xxx

Didn’t think you were taking the missus…

Did you use the banana force…

Luke :wink:

we didnt miss you at all :smiley:

sounds like you had a good time :slight_smile:

looks like you had fun, dude! welcome back to sunny london :smiley:

probably one of those Columbian colds i hear so much about :wink: only jokin me 'ol mate :smiley:

Welcome back, looks like you have a great time. You’ve not missed much only a couple of metres of rain.

welcome back :slight_smile:

hello fella! do you have any white bits? :wink:

Welcome back dude. Glad you had fun.

Likewise we enjoyed Amsterdam at the weekend so know what you’re saying when you talk about not wanting to come home…LOL!!

Get well soon…have a hot toddie…always works well.

a lot of it going about. Apparently.:wink:

Glad you had a fab time!! Will have to make sure our dates for next year are for the same time!

columbian colds…lololol…:laugh:…shhhhhhh…got some white bits justine…just ask if you wanna see em babes;).lol

god this cold is kickin my ass…ive so got the hump as i want to ride my bike,but im stuck in my jammies…

do you think that i could stick a jack daniles in the microwave and heat it up…would that work as a hot toddie?

ohh and big…yes…mate…i did…she didnt…bitch!!!..lol

yea joolz…you got it babes!!!


BTW, I found a picture i took of a view from my hotel room, its a bit better than yours IMO :wink: