Well found out what the problems is ...

After all the tooing and frowing with the dealership, I have finally discovered what the problem is with the help of my mate H and 8 hours of grease monkey work.

IT WAS THE STARTER MOTOR ! which is what I said in the first place ! :crazy:

H and I can now take one apart and put it back together with our eyes closed ! The brushes have worn so not too expensive to replace. I know all about ohms and continuity very interested honest :wink:

However, we’ve know discovered the head bearings have gone and need to be replaced too :crazy:

When will it ever end…

Must be a huge relief knowing you have found the cause of the problem:)

There’s nothing worse than an intermittent fault. You just know that when it goes in to the workshop it won’t misbehave until the ride home…Ggrrrrr:w00t:

Did you find the cause of your back end problem?

It’s a shame you didn’t manage to do the Bikesafe, there will be other opportunities I’m sure:)

Apparently, because the pads are fairly new they can expand a bit with the damp in the mornings (we don’t have a garage). But if it does persist, I’ll take it up to Phil’s.

Booked in for an MOT in the morning at Lea Valley Motors, what a donut I am, but with all the stresses of last week it slipped my mind :blush:

Will need the head bearings sorted for that MOT. Do I remember you saying there still a little bit of warrent left (although it may not cover head bearings).Good to hear you found the problemo though.

Only discovered the head bearings on Saturday, so haven’t had time to sort, but the MOT has run out !!! Ooppps.

have you had it a year already??? Surely rex judd gave you a ‘full’ years MOT??