Well done police...


Without wishing to prejudge the outcome too much (this is MCN after all, the Daily Mail of the bike world) I would put large sums of money on this being a load of tax and licence gathering scum sitting in a van around a corner, breaking the ACPO rules to make a fast buck. I don’t give a damn if the rider was speeding, he didn’t deserve to die for it. If they weren’t there, I bet he would have made it home perfectly safely and without hurting anybody. The priorities that the powers that be set for the police are completely f*cked up in this country…

Any body would think that the camera van had gone and run him over.
If he was speeding, then he shouldn’t have been (regardless of whether you, I or anyone else breaks the limit, it’s still illegal), and if he had to brake hard to get under the speed limit, then surely he should have been able to do so without falling off his bike ?
There are few facts available to draw any kind of conclusion, but first impressions are that the guy was speeding, saw the van and grabbed a too-big handful of the brakes.There may have been extenuating circumstances like hitting a pothole or a patch of diesel etc., but you cannot blame the old bill for that.
It’s a tragic accident, and it’s misguided in the extreme to say if the camera van hadn’t been there it wouldn’t have happened.You could change that slightly to say that if the rider had not been there it wouldn’t have happened…
Ifs and buts will not bring the poor man back, and nor will blaming the siting of the camera van.

Perhaps he would have been better off it it had :crazy:

i’m working on the principle that if the van was clearly visible then he would most likely have been doing the speed limit at the site in question. the ‘safety camera partnership’ is meant to be there to promote safety, which apparently can only be achieved by driving at an arbitrary speed set many decades ago, rather than driver/rider education, raising awareness etc. so why hide around the corner? it’s an exercise in catching and punishing people and raising revenue and nothing to do with promoting safety or preventing accidents. otherwise, they would make their presence obvious in order that everybody obeyed the limit. as for speeding being illegal - hiding around a corner is against the guidelines the police are meant to operate to, but they still do it.