Well done plod

As you guys know I have little time for the old bill and their pathetic attitude to stupid minor crimes us bikers are guilty of like small (not tiny) plates etc, but today I have to say well done to them, an army of officers and a police helicopter descended on Brands Hatch in search of stolen bikes and stolen bike parts as many of the bikes stolen end up on the tracks, any bike that came up as stolen was confiscated.

So well done to the old bill and keep up this new offensive in the fight against bike theft.

+1 on the well done to them… hope they got some results :slight_smile:


I guess i still will never know where my bike ended up and into how many bits…

Out of interest, did they find any stolen bikes?

From what I have been told yes they removed several.

Shouldn’t the police be targeting people stealing and selling the bikes on, rather than the mostly innocent buyers ?

there are things that indicate if a bike looks dodgy when you buy it… If no-one bought the bikes the need to steal them in the first place would decline quite a bit…

Well they have to start somewhere. If they find enough stolen bikes & bits they might be able to track back who’s behind some of it.

Or at the very least have a race and see who’s the quickest! :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw the most beautiful thing on Friday. A marked Police BMW motorcycle (you know the type which looks like a tank) just sitting there in a hashed boxed at a junction next to Aldgate. I was thinking, “what’s he doing there?” Next thing he takes off at a leisurely pace and I see him in persuit of a cyclist who has evidently just run the red light. The cyclist gets pulled. That’ll learn 'em.

The problem is that when those small plates are stuck in places that ANPR camera’s (you know, the ones that ping up if a bike is nicked) find difficult to read (such as the one on your blade) then it makes the Police’s job in finding nicked bikes harder.
I couldn’t care less about plate size as it isn’t something I deal with but then again I have a normal sized plate on my bike as it gives Police less of an excuse for me to get pulled and less for me to get done for, should they wish to get the pen out.
You’re the typical example of someone doing something wrong then blaming someone else for it when someone does there job and reports you for it.

^ this

Baz, I’m happy to risk my bike not being picked up on an APR if it gets nicked, so can you guys stop giving me a PCN every Mayday run now, thanks. :w00t:

PS I have an 8" x 3" with 5 letters/numbers and I don’t think it’s taking the pi$$ to be honest.

Won’t be me that does it ! But good luck in avoiding it.

Next you will say bike thiefs use their own vans. The argument of using ANPR to find stolen bikes doesn’t wash. Most bikes will either be broken and parts sold, or cloned and then sold on. Why cant technology be developed to read smaller plates, speed cameras can cope?

small plates, whatever. Life is too short. On my road bikes, one has a slightly smaller plate than usual. It’s no letterbox, but it’s readable and the font is correct, just a little smaller.

Re the raid on chavs at Brands, good on them. I hear this might not be the last raid.

I’m a little nervous about my 'berg, as it doesn’t have a frame number, being a custom race frame, but it’s pretty obvious that it’s not a road bike and never has been.

Of course thiefs use vans. I don’t get your point.
It does wash, I’m not going to discuss how many anpr sights there are or there locations but there are many and they ping up stolen motors including bikes on a regular basis.
I would never dispute that most nicked bikes get broken up etc … I didn’t say otherwise.Yep, technology could be improved and used … at a cost - who’ll pay for it ?
One thing that can’t be improved is the mark one eyeball. Vehicles involved in crime, including many bikes are seen by witnesses/police during crime and making off. If it is made harder for people to read the number plates (ie they are smaller, in a hard to read font, etc etc etc) then it will clearly reduce one line of any investigation in identifying the vehicle and possibly it’s occupants.

Baz my old china, why don’t you be a man and admit the truth that traffic cops target bikes with small plates for one reason and one reason only, MONEY, REVENUE, DOSH !!!

Last Mayday run it was like a cowboy movie, you know when the cowboy’s ride in to the canyon and look up to see 10,00 Indian’s ready to attack, well we was well and truly scalped last Mayday run, a bike cop nearly took my mates front wheel out to get behind me! oh yeah he gave me the same crap you just did “it’s the ANPR camera can’t read the smaller plate and if your bike gets stolen how are we going to know”

I recon the old bill had side bets going on to see who got the most PCN’s issued :w00t:

Do you wear a tin foil hat too ?
They are not really all out to get you Cabbie.The problem is that Cops have to enforce the law. We don’t get to pick and choose which ones, it’s them all.
If you can’t be man enough not to whinge when you get caught doing something wrong, something you know full well is wrong, well that is down to you really.It’s your attitude that, in my opinion, is one of the biggest faults of todays society - people doing wrong but desperately wanting to blame someone else instead of quietly and decently taking the punishment.

  1. Police aren’t on commission.

  2. Police are not revenue targeted.

  3. Traffic haven’t always been targeted on tickets obtained.

  4. Police don’t create legislation.

  5. The police enforce the law; the law states what size plates can be and you’ve been told why.

  6. How do you know what the copper told you was ‘crap’? Do you have experience with ANPR?

  7. You clearly don’t understand the composition of the criminal justice system, but once again, you love to shout loudly about a law you’re breaking. Why don’t you write to your MP instead of wasting your time moaning on an internet forum? I mean, if you genuinely believed it’s there for purely revenue generation then you’d do something about it.