Well done lads !


sorry, can’t condone vandalism:angry:

not the smartest of bikers either, bet it wont be long before they are picked up. You wouldn’t be saying well done if someone touched there bikes, would you??


Given the additional deaths and injuries that occur each year due to the current short sighted speed based “safety” policy of this govt and police then getting rid of any scameras is a good thing, it will save lives, so vandalism or not, it’s good.I don’t condone vandalism in general, of course not, nobody here would surely, but this is different, people are being killed because of these things.

Hmmm… Quite a distinctive bike…video posted on public forum…won’t be long before they’ll be needing a brief

quality, 1 scammerer less to worry about.

So how do speed/safety camera’s kill people?? I am no supporter of the things but mindless vandalism!! I have a big problem with.

Speed scameras don’t really themselves kill people but there is significant evidence that the emphasis the govt and top plod/courts have put on speed has taken drivers mind away from the basics of driving, like paying attention to what you’re doing, looking where you’re going etc, treating driving as a skill that needs to be imporved and maintained, improving the driving test and driver training and instead giving drivers the impression that as long as you’re not speeding you’ll be OK.

You’re quite right, this wouldn’t normally be the right way to go about getting rid of them but there’s no political party as yet that has the balls to change it.

Totally agree with you.BUT… just because you disagree with something, does not give you/anyone the right to cause criminal damage. I also wonder what damage was done to the reputation of bikers in that area. Bet all those cagers driving past seeing what they were doing didn’t think “Well done lads”

I’m all for those vigilanties that take out speed cameras. They are never where the blackspots are and only where the police can rake in the most money. My dad had a right go at a mobile unit, called them every name under the sun (and he’s usually such a mild guy) cos they weren’t where the accident happen near the school and on a known money route.

There was a program on the telly a while back where the carrot-crunchers used dynamite on a speed camera, in other areas, farmers have pulled them out of the ground.

Still stupid videoing it though… very stupid!

Speed cameras don’t save lives. People know where they are and slam on the anchors… next time you pass one, check out the skid marks and red lights slaming on coz people are going too fast. It only slows them down for 100 feet.




Emptying a cargo ship of it’s load of tea was an act of “vandalism” too…

Sometimes that is the only thing left to do in the face of such wanton injustice.

I’m no supporter of most speed camera’s but this is wrong and resorting to criminal acts shows us all in a bad light.

I pity anyone owning a Suzuki Rizla up where ever that was filmed, as once the local plod see it everyone of you will be getting pulled non stop - all down to the two ‘criminals’ who set fire to the camera.

The thing is we live in a democracy and we have to go with what the majority want as laws in a democracy. At this moment in time speed camera’s are imposed upon us as the majority of the public don’t lobby their MP’s to get rid of them.

because car driver and bikers drive too fast down the road see the speed camera brake sharply the car/bike behind see the brake lights skids into the car/bike thus causing a rear end shunt or a bikers death and wasting police, ambulance and fiemens time dealing with a pathetic accident caused by a speed camera being there, same with cage drivers driving along a motorway when theres an accident they slow down to have a look this causing the massive tail backs that we see and traffic going from 70mph to a complete standstill,maybe if they had signs saying what speed your doing that flash up and other little things like that our roads would be safer, all they have to do is put signs sayiong speed camera 500 yds ahead it would then save money and the authorities time

what a waste of a new tyre aswell, they must be stupid to actually film their bike aswell, numptys

I agree with you Ginger, those boards which flash up if you’re going too fast are good, and the warning boards about children and kill your speed stuff…they seem much more friendly, and talk to people rather than seem like a revenue earner.

I agree, there comes a time when politicians don’t listen, regardles of what you say or how many people say it.

1.8 million people signed the petition on the Govt web site oposing road pricing but the scheme is still being funded . . . our tax money is still being spent on it despite the biggest public revolt since the war in Iraq . . . and they didnl’t listen then.

I think the people in the video on the bike were busted for it ages ago, along with their video called STU-PID riding.

sigh* what a bunch of idiots! All balls and no brains :w00t:



Two more you :smiley: