Well done Kaos!!!!!!

out on a hoon last night…on the twisties down to aylesbury with Trackday Junkie leading…ang…myself…Kaos…and Tugs 2’s up with stacy…;)…

its was a pacey hoon…and altho we lost kaos due too some rouge traffic lights at the start…i am pleased to say that he kept up with us the whole way…slicing through the millions of migi flies during the summer sunset…

well done mate…see you on the next one!!!


Gutted i missed it…

Well done Kaos. Thats a good boy!

with your dicky winkie mate i doubt you’d have kept your arse on the seat…;)…but the next one is a deffo mate!..


I must admit there was quite a lot of fear last night, but fear is good, keeps the blood pumping to the brain…

Was massive fun. Really enjoyed it, some awesome roads out there.

Thanks again to Track, Ang, Tug and his back pack and Smiled for looking after me.

Sorry I couldn’t make this one last night. I was otherwise engaged grooming young children;)

Ah, apparently, I’ve just been told, watching TT 2010 on ITV 4, and going to bed at 10, is just called babysitting.:smiley:

Should be on the next one though.:slight_smile:

Grats :slight_smile:

it was a good night ,and a good run,and well done kaos for keeping up,some great roads,and smiled you are a nob :D,:stuck_out_tongue:

how many fking times…SMILED YOU NINCONPOOP!!! S.M.I.L.E.D…!!!