Well done Apple Store

So, I quite like quality music kit. I’ve been using noise cancelling or reducing headphones for a few years in the office. Last year, I bought some massively (for me) expensive ear phones for the iPlod - £140 something quid. Really nice tho. A few weeks ago, the headphone jack started playing up and it got to the point that I had to put a bulldog clip on it to keep the sound working.

A bit hacked off, I phoned the Apple store, where a miserable sounding young lady told me that if I had a receipt and the goods were less than a year old, they’d replace them. Fair enough, I had my email receipt, which showed that they were 9 months old, so I took them back last night on my way home.

True to their word, they replaced them, but as they didn’t have a direct replacement, I bought the best ones they had (pure ear porn - orgasmic sound) at nearly twice the price of the broken pair. However, when I came to pay, despite showing them the receipt on my Galaxy Tab, they gave me the new pair for an extra £70 instead of another £100!

Good on them. Not a fan of Apple stuff, but they did a good job for me.

Which brand do you have now then?

I bought some Dr Dre Monster Solo’s before xmas and have to say they are amazing for sound quality, they also come with the microphone so can be used with the iPhone for calls. I’m actually looking at the Studio version but at £250 i think i might just stick with the Solo’s:P

Klipsch x10i - took me a while to find them. Utterly orgasmic!

i demand a pair of said ear porn for using my name in your title too boost your veiw ratings…:D.