Well bovvered

Dont even ask

I won’t then…

My lips are sealed

If you didn`t want us to ask, why did you start this topic.

so you know not to ask

If he didnt say anything we wouldnt know and then wouoldn`t have to ask. Jason started this as he wants us to ask.

Your right John,

Having trouble with Hillingdon planning department, hate it when they have control of what you can and cant do to your own property

you havent binned the bike have u hun!!! or has the cat been run over or has the wife ran off with the village gay vicker

come on tell us we want to laugh !!!

wat timeing that was!!!

funny that 2 out of the 3 are right

I know what you mean, we had so much hassel when we wanted to build an extension and get access to a garage i had built, we so peed off with Barnet council we moved.

I’ve talked to other builders and they cant believe the hassle the council are causing over a poxy conservatory.

Looks like i’m going to court though as i’m gonna make my stand. Bllx to them.

u go for it!! there a bunch of pillocks them planners!!!they are only out to make money!!!
when i was married we wanted to slope the front of the driveway instead of bumping it up the curb each time!!!and the hassell and money spent trying to achive that was bad!!!we scrapped it in the end!!!

its all a load of poo if u ask me!!!

wish we never asked

Cheeky git, hows that fighter coming on? you’ll be riding your zimmer first i recon

so is the wife back then???

Yeah learn’t a few new tricks aswell, something to do with cotton and bacon

not long now…he said

hows the bovverdness going any luck with the planner hun???

No had another row today need to get out on the bike and let of some