well b*gger me

I actually have an unmolested, working, legal motorcycle.

About time too

Time to sell it then.

Are you open to offers or can anybody turn up to bugger you

as always with personal connections, gixxer owners are too antisocial to be included

Congratulations on getting it through it’s MOT, but I reckon you did molest it. Please advise us how many miles you get out of it before its first breakdown.

K7 owner ill have you know :smiley: the G*** sticker is going to be confined to the bin

So will you be riding it?

Ha! Edit: But in all seriousness, nice work. Looking forward to seeing the beast at some stage.

rode it to the mot centre and back. that’s enough for this month I think.

And when will you release the Varley family?

(from their hairy latex onesie dungeon nightmare)

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Well done. Chuffed for you, its a lovely machine.

Bring it to BM!!!

Well Done!