Welcome to the Stolen Bikes! Forum

Please post up details of your bike theft to give others the best chance possible in helping to retrieve it. Details which are really useful are:

  • What bike is it?
  • What’s the registration?
  • Where was it stolen from and when?
  • What marks the bike out as unique? Scuffs, cracks, bolt-ons, etc.
  • How was it stolen?
  • what security did you have?
  • Photos!!

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We’re trying to keep the posts in this section focussed on the stolen bike so can we ask people retrict replies to a thread to information that may help recover the bike.


Tried to PM you Jay but keeped on getting error message would it be OK to add our FB group details on your stolen bike posts eg: Feel free to post on our FB group Motorcycle STOLEN! https://www.facebook.com/groups/415974705057/

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Hi! I had my bike for ONE DAY.it was stolen today (12.07.2014) From Mortlake at around noon.Since it was brand new,there were no scratches or dirt or any other damage on it. Please help me find it!
Reg. No LC14XCX
Make :Honda
Model : MSX125D
Color :red/Black

If you see it, get in touch with police on 101 or Roberta via e-mai: [email protected]

You have a picture?

I ride in that area often, will keep an eye out.

Hi everyone, my motorcycle

was stolen from outside Limehouse DLR Station, London E14 7JF at approximately 2215 hours on 03/10/14.

Details are:

Aprilla Pegaso 650


She had a Steering Lock on with a Heavy Duty Oxford Chain.

Folks can you keep an eye out for it please,

as you could guess the Police have been completely unhelpful; Closing their ‘Investigation’ the next morning with a condescending email. I can be contacted through this site… Guys, many thanks.

Honda CBF 250 Blue motorbike reg WD57 HCE stolen from Off Queens Road Buckhurst Hill 19/2-20/2 hrs 17:15 & 07:45 bent front brake lever, blue renthal bars blue wheel trim, no back box as in picture.



my blue Honda cbf 250 I found advertised on Gumtree 6/7 weeks after being stolen so keep a look out even after insurance pay you out.
I was surprised to find in in one piece still. And washed

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