Welcome Front222! You're our 2000'th Member!

Welcome! Come to Cubana next Wednesday and there’s a nice drink waiting for you

Damn Americans get everything huh?

A warm welcome

Welcome to LB 222 have fun with the other 1999 members

poke, poke n SMACK with Da Newbie stick

…Jay as you first in this newbie thread you can get a SMACK n POKE to

Da Artist

Front222, I’ll swap you a sip of your drink for some arnica cream for those bruises… welcome.

Heh, nice shots, welcome aboard! Where abouts are you from?

I am from Fort Collins, Colorado/Laramie, Wyoming USA I came from gixxer.com cuz I got tired of all those bitchy little brats crying about who has the most horsepower. Haha but guess what was on their tires whenever they posted bike pics…

You guys seem to have a great member core and an even better sense of humor, I’m kinda sorry I can’t go riding with ya’ll but I drove on the wrong side in Australia and it kinda freaked me out.

222 Likinkg the standup wheelies got any more picx for us to see post them in the picture and video gallery?

I wouldn’t want to embarass you all in your own country, ya know what I mean?

We have roundabouts here, only in the ritzy parts of towns. I would be more like "But officer I’m American… "

welcome newbee