weise leathers???

as per title really,

has anyone owned any leather weise gear?

or maybe worked with them? (wasp?)

asking as ive come across a nice lookin set of leathers for rather cheap, the pictures look good but does the quality match up?


I had to do some work on a friends weise jacket and i thought it was ok Quality…not top brand but good for the price:D

My better half wears Weise gear. I think they’re damn good for the price: full knox armour as standard, good quality zips etc.

good to hear :slight_smile:

and well a two piece suit for £380 delivered with knox as standard, seems a bargain

I had a Weise jacket about 15 years ago, and it was top quality in it’s day :slight_smile:


a mate had a set a while ago that were ok. not sure you get a lot for your money with them though. i’ve gone with a new british frim called arc-on. all there stuff is tested for seam strength and leather abraision resistance. says it all on their site.
i’ll ask around mates about weisse