Weird story on my local news website

Title was supposed to say Weird story on my local news website

Just had a quick nose on my local news website and came across a rather unfortunate article about a rider who hit a car and lampost and died.

Apparently he was with 4 other bikes (one of which hit the car also) and they all rode off before the police arrived ? WTF ? Maybe they were stolen bikes or something ??
How can someone ride off and leave him like that ?

That’s not good you don’t leave a mate when he’s down, RIP biker.

Must also comment on the bad English in the article:

OMG!! That os only down the road to me… thats supposed to be a nice area!

R.I.P to the biker and friends & family.

WTF!!! with the other riders?? i know i would never leave a accident scene, no matter what!

i saw the police and a BIG crowd of people putting flowers and candles there last night, wondered what it was for.

the lad that died is a friend of my mate at work, please dont speculate…

if i find out what EXACTLY happened i will let you know…

:frowning: RIP AJ…

my guess is either stolen bike or not in the country legaly (Brazilian are weary of police since they start getting gun down in tubes)

Speaking only about the riders that left the scene obviously…


he WASNT brazilian…very much doubt the others were too.

most likely he had no licience…
same for the others, personally i would never leave a mate in need, or a fellow biker down.

I could never leave a mate down like that.

RIP fellow biker

Can’t belive that the other 4 left him there, not something I would do


Very poor show the other guys leaving, how heartless are they!! With friends like those who needs enemies:w00t:

R.I.P fellow biker

shocking news really…

that is just terrible.


Thats very sad news!
I guess those guys had there own reason they wanted to leave…

You’d really hope even fellow riders you knew vaguely wouldn’t leave you.

Very sad. RIP fellah.