Weird Cravings

Well since everybody is getting all knocked up and becoming proud parents/Grandparents , has any of your partners or daughters or family members had any weird cravings while they were/are pregnant?

I’ll start off first, mine was Surf (lemon) washing powder and raw rice:w00t::w00t::w00t:.

I use to love the starchy juice from crunching on raw rice and lemon washing powder made my mouth water so much i use to sit there with the whole box under my nose and it tasted so delicious now that i look back i can’t believe i use to eat those stuffs yuck :sick:.

Any body else would like to share their weird cravings with LB?

well i had a fat one brewing all today at work :w00t: once i had got rid of it i had a craving for nando’s:D

Lol at comparing giving birth to taking a big sh1t :stuck_out_tongue:

yeh my daughter had a craving ,she kept emptying my wallet.:wink:

you ATE washing powder !!?? :hehe:

With my daughter it was jelly babys and mars bars washed down with lucozade:D

With my son it was cravings for chilli sauce(the hotter the better)and tomatoes oh and i remember getting strange cravings for the smell of meths!:w00t: or petrol :crazy:

why would you even eat washing powder!! :w00t:

Asked my wife if she craved eating washing powder and she looked at me in a wierd way, if that counts.:slight_smile:

well thankfully i havent fallen pregnant before so i had none lol

although i had a mate who used to crave white chalk!! :w00t:

My best friend loved to crunch on frozen peas. She’s have them in a bowl like cereal!! :crazy:

I have strange cravings all the time…but I ain’t up the duff…just weird! :smiley:

My wife is 4.5 months pregnant and she’s craving Estonian food (could just be she wants comfort food from home). She wants sour cream over stuff and is making stuff like sweet and sour cabbage. Some days our house smells like her granny’s kitchen. Her sense of smell is more powerful, so if I’m frying onions and garlic she runs around closing doors and turning on the fan above the stove. She’s gone right off mushrooms and can’t have anything too spicy.

Never craved anything, but i DID go right off and couldnt even stand the smell of tea or coffee ?? Hated it !! Didnt touch it from the time i got preggers…and that happened to ALL 3 of the pregnancies…and as soon as they were born, i had my first cuppa and loved it !!! How i went 9 mths without a cuppa in the morning i do not know !!! I felt sick if i smelt it though…how weird !!With my daughter i sailed throught the pregnancy and had a hard time giving birth…with my sons i had a crap time of it, being sick in the morning…back aches etc…but sailed through the births !!

My girl took over 14 hours,(was at home in labour for about 6 hours before going to hosp so 20 hours) first son was just over a hour the other son 20 mins…all HUGE babies too…!! First was 8lbs 14 second was 9lbs 6 and the last one was a whopping 10lbs 3 !! Good job i didnt have any more eh ??? blimey !!! :w00t:

What was the weight of your littleuns???

Yes washing powder i don’t know why. But every time i use to do the washing the smell of the washing powder use to make my mouth water a lot. I started off sitting with the box under my nose sniffing it but then the curiousity got the better of me so i i ate i. It doesn’t have the same taste as it did when i was pregnant.

Reecey was 8lb7 at 37weeks and it took him 28hrs to come out after tense machine, gas and air, pethadine, epidural and then finally they got me ready for forcet delivery but i pushed him out some how.

I couldn’t stand the smell of robert(reecey’ dad) and toast and i had morning sickness for 7months

Ali was 7lb 4 oz and only in labour for 1 hour 55 mins:D

Zak was premature born at 34 weeks weighed 8lb 9oz!:w00t: thank god i had surgery to get him out…little fecker was footling breach and bungyjumping on the placenta so he had to come out before he killed me…been a pest ever since!:smiley:

Sorry but the “forcet” made me laugh loud here at work !!! Kept imaging a “toilet” delivery !! ha ha…(faucet)…i know u meant forceps babe !!! :stuck_out_tongue: That was a LONG time and he was pretty big too as he is your first…i didnt have to have the forceps but i WAS cut (the barstewards!!) that hurt like hell !! esp when you dont expect it !!! OU…bluddy…CH !!Hark at us mums…taking over the thread and talking births !!! ha ha…im waiting for one of the guys to comment ??? ha ha

Someone I used to know always got cravings for plaster, yes plaster as in the stuff you put on your walls, she used to pick bits off the walls in the hallway that she was having decorated and eat it, she used to get in trouble from the docs for it because it’s apparently not that good for you!! I don’t suppose washing powder is either though!!

When my Mum had my twin brother and I, she used to crave cheese and coal.

My twin brother and I both love cheese, but only cheddar, and that was the only cheese that she didn’t eat!

BTW, both of us were breach, and both born naturally! - Ouch:w00t: