Weekend weather

Have you seen the forecast?


First weekend in quite a while with a dry and warm forecast.

Bugger, my bike is SORN’d

Still a lot of salt on the roads, and we’re still on lock down so no unnecessary journeys. :frowning_face:

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As a minister I can make the necessary journeys to those in my congregation who require spititual sustenance and do so by looking after my mental wellbeing on the bike!! Looking forward to some sunshine!


Might go to work and do some errands on the bike.

Had some rain over the last few days so the roads look clean here.

Can always meet you halfway for that guidance lol


Shopping is a legally allowable journey as is going to do some exercise. Think a 100 mile blast won’t cut it but a short trip to access some walking or a supermarket may be a goer.


That may be difficult for me to argue, I’ve got 2 commons, a Sainsburys, Tesco, Co-op, Iceland, M&S, 2 Lidls & an Aldi within 15 mins walk of my house!

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I’m the same I have Tesco, Morrisons, 2 Sainsbury’s, Asda, Aldi, Lidl, M&S foodhall, Tesco metro and half a dozen corner shops in walking distance.

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Some advantages to having your nearest supermarket some distance away :slight_smile:

That said - am going to wait til Monday as I suspect there will be a few bikers out Sat/Sun and no doubt a few jobsworth plod too.

I use Costco for some items as it works out a lot cheaper. Does involve a longer journey but still worth it.
Easier to use this excuse in a car than on a bike.

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I forgot Costco, they’re in walking distance as well.