Weekend Plans?

Have you got any, and if so what are they?

BMF Sunday

Eating some jaffa cakes in my pants in front of the TV, as its gonna **** down!

since when has p i s s been swearing?

After watching MotoGP, WSB & the NW200 is there time for anything else? :blink:

Need to fit some work in somewhere! :smiley:


Dropping bike off to be fixed

Watching football

Taking delivery of track bike

Buying a trailer

Going to Cambridge

Birthday dinner

BMF show




Have you and Steve done a swap then?!? :wink:

** Helping hubby build me pagoda…also helping are dlchatel and cheekychick…if anyone else wants to come help please feel free to pop over:D**

going to see a live band tonight!! tomoz having my birthday luch out somewere!! then sun bmf i think:D

i am going to chill have a few beers and watch tv etc nacked. then sunday ill be riding all day i just gotta remember to get dressed b4 i go out on the bike:hehe::w00t:

strange child…!

I’ll be marshalling at cadwell all weekend for the BMCRC/MRO meet. Got full waterproofs so BRING IT ON! :smiley:

there’s a recurring theme here… :blink:

Going to a mates 18th tonight then doing college work all weekend! :D:D

Will defiantly fit the MotoGP in somewhere though!!!

Happy birthday. Its my wifes birthday tomorrow too!

sweet f.a :smiley:

I’ll be out on me bike somewhere chasing the clouds away :smiley:

Waiting for me new leathers to turn up got the trousers but not the jacket yet

Washing the bike as i am going next week to kidderminster as some friend from all over i know from xbox live are gonna meet up for a ride out.


Pretty much. Collecting it back from the transport company after using it in Spain then delivering it straight to Tom. Just got to decide what to buy next . . . I think I’ll go back to my original plan :slight_smile:

Bike racing on the telly, Jongeluers on Sat night and hopefully fit in a couple of hours on the bike somewhere :slight_smile: