Weekend members ride in St Omer, France

Thanks to ThaNutz and Foxy, we’ve got an account of the weekend, with a photo gallery online now! Man, I wish I could have gone! Looking forward to the next one!



Mate uve spelt story wrong in the pic u put stoey! Also anyway i can get some of the images (i.e. ones i didnt take) without the LB logo so i can get a hard copy made up for my wall at uni.

Good work Foxy n Jay btw!!

Ah, I’ll tell Foxy about the typo. Should be able to get you the pics yes mate.

Cheers mate just pm me a link and ill download em…obv dont need the High-res ones i took as i have them just the others…

Thanks once again!

excellent pics and excellent article, cheers!

good article apart from i never took a test of any sort!!!

What u n adam get up 2 u in ure spare time is ure business…