Weekend by the sea

I went on a mini tour of the sussex coast yesterday: Brighton, Seaford, Eastbourne. Very nice it was too, great roads, windswept cliffs, sunny beaches…

But why the hell did I not go to eastbourne instead? http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3751416/Bikini-babes-record-shower.html

Lol, there ye missed something then, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:
Went on a mini tour myself down the coast as well, bit of East Sussex (Battle & Hastings), then sticking along the coast on the A259 into Kent up to Folkestone.

Makes me really really want to get out of London permanently, just should first find a workplace though, argh.

I was thinking the same thing myself as I swept along Beachy Head bathed in glorious sunshine. The kite surfing at seaford looked like something I could get into as well. I might have had a different opinion on a blowy january morning though.

I’ve got the whole weekend to myself next week, here’s hoping it’s sunny enough for an extended trip and maybe even a bit of camping :smiley:

Haha, was thinking the exact same thing watching this at Hastings Seafront :smiley: Sitting there watching them I thought “If I could, I would rip of me leathers, get into a fitting suit, jump onto the surfboard, grab their kite and just let it go” :smiley:

I wouldn’t necessarily move to the coast, was pondering about Herts, but the more I’m out to East Sussex and Kent I could see myself living there somewhere too. Just still need to get to BHTH Wednesdays etc though :smiley:

Gah, should really invest time in getting myself self-employed and go along and get out of London, argh. Just burning in my mind :crazy: