Weds night at thr Ace??

So who’s braving it then?

I will probably come out if other people are gonna be out althought I will be in the car, my excuse, there’s a massive big snowman on the pathway I use to gte my bike out, I could knock him down but I spent so long making him I just haven’t got the heart to do it!!

Think I’ll give it a miss tonight.

Don’t fancy the blast back down to Sevenoaks, reckon it will be pretty slippery at 10 ish tonight.

Depends on how work goes, may see you later :cool:

Might show my ugly face later!!:hehe:

Getting an early night tonight so wont be there

well I am there now so I don’t think I will need to come again later on…:slight_smile:

We shall be there tonight :slight_smile:

May not make it tonight Just fell of the back of a lorry :smiley:

is Lola coming :slight_smile:

You wish :wink:

Dave is taking me out for Dinner tonight for my Birthday so we won’t be there…unless he’s taking me to the Ace! :w00t:

Have a good night peeps! :smiley:

I tempted, don’t live far away but new to this so if your gunna be there let me know and i’ll join for a coffee!!

I’ll be up there later… :smiley:

I’m guessing your not going to be wearing the dog suit thing;) So how will i recognise u?

we r here now you won’t miss us blondies on the far table, 4 of us left here at the mo so get on ur bike newbie we’ll buy u a cuppa :slight_smile:

If I knew you were in the chair Ang I’d have left the work I had to get done :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey i must have just missed your relpy, but there is always next time. I ended up going for a play 406 - 41 - 40 to Camden Finchley Rd back to willesden!!

Gotta love the quiet roads through london of a evening!!!

I think Lolas got him going :smiley:

:pinch: lovely roads to play on lol Never mind im sure we will see you about soon.

Hi Snooks:)