wednesday's live stunt webcam London

Hello there
i think london is the place to have his first live stunt webcam with moving location every week ( Within London )

interestet ??? (not sure how this will all work ) so i like to see lots of input

for locations and aktive info i will create a sms list so peope can e-mail there number to me and get informed per sms about the weekley event

so lets get the ball rollllllllllllllllllllllllling.

THIS will be FUNN

Oh I like it but i know i wont be the one doing the stunts HAHA let us know how you get on Mate

don’t worry i will be on the media side myself



And what do the stunt riders get out of it?

good Q. 15 MIN FAME !!! i think that depends on interest and how many people are getting involved

as fare as i am aware nobody has done this before.

also the setup is not that easy lets wait and see

Few problems with this…

  1. private land will be near imposible to get.

  2. police will have evidence of dangerous driving on public roads.

  3. everyone doing stunts will end up with ASBO’s (if done on public roads) or fines or points or bans.

  4. as its live the police will know whats happening where and when.

  5. also as its live you have no way of editing out the number plates of the riders

So can’t really see it working too well. Stick to just taping it and then putting it on the internet edited, would be a lot easier.

would never work as im a camera freak and love to be in front of it i think it sounds a bit on top. the police would know about it straight away.

hey there
can’t reply properly broke 3 rips and my sholder today
will explain the next days how it will work

youch Get well soon mate.

thanks man