19 oC for wednesday which is roughly 66oF which aint bad so how about a good turn out at Cubana no excuses…

I will be there for sure! lol

i heard you was buying the drinks for eveyone one all night cezar

Cezar you are too generous!!!

see ya Wednesday…

Cheers cezar, mines a large GandT

See you wednesday

See you all there Need to wash my bike after this morning!

I will be there!

Biggus and I are hoping to be there too…

I’ve really got to stop watching BBC weather then…they reckon lovely thunder storms during the whole of Wednesday…so I might not be there

Slight problem. I can meet all of you nice people at Cubana on Wednesday night or I can go to a new wine bar opening with a champagne tasting, food and then free booze till 2am. What should I do? (appart from invite you all!!!)

If the weather holds, and this is open to some discussion (met office vs BBC, both useless) then i’ll be there with a group of the VD supermoto boys. If its raining i’ll be at home watching Grand Designs.

As I’ve previously said, my Wednesdays are kind of busy, I’ll be heading in the opposite direction on this one.

I’ll try to call in next week on my way up or if this “Sunday Lunch” thing takes off then you may see me there.

Oh! In that case I’m not too! lol

Guys you always put me in trouble… lol

I’ll be there - showing off the new kit I’ve been forced to buy from Great Portland Street

Seeya there about 7.30pm Flats.

Aiming to be there this week subject to getting away from work and it not precipitating too much. Look forward to seeing loads of LB’ers there.

And Cezar - WHERES MY STICKERS FOR THE RACE BIKE?They are needed very urgently now.

The forecast atm for Wednesday is looking like p!ssing down … joy!

Bike if its dry, car if its wet. 120 mile round journey is no fun in the rain and it will be my last chance for 3 weeks what with holiday then working nights… and I’ll miss you all

I think it’ll be okay - here are the rain charts for Wednesday over London for 16:00 and 19:00 - as yo can see no rain later on… the temp is a little more difficult to work out- but it looks well into the 20s to me.


Picture 1.png

Okay Mr Met Office are you prepared to stand by your Forecast…

Drinks on you if it rains…