Wednesday Waterloo

Well after two wet weeks its looking good for tomorrow weather wise, lets get some effort behind the cubana meet i could do with some cheering up after a right shit weekend (Brighton excluded) so get some smiling LB faces out and ya can all give a pat on the back and ruffle my hair

ill be there

they dont do fish and chips geezer

i know but i bet the chinese do lol

ride safe


Me too

Meeting a few at Beaconsfield M40 J2 at 7ish and heading for The Ace Cafe to gather a couple more then in to Waterloo

Will be there work permitting…

(Right aj, breathe and remember it pays for your toys )

i dont know if you wanna be eating that…

ill eat anything

Awesome, we need some good weather, I’m getting depressed! I’ll be there for sure, try and stop me! Damn, my bike’s filthy after weeks of rain and motorway crap. Might feel motivated to clean it before I leave tomorrow!

Hey Flatster, reckon I should be able to make it along on Wednesday! Just hope it’s not like last week as the ride home sucked although watching sean and lady pillion rider go straight through a 15 foot wall of water thrown up by a car was pretty spectacular

Ginge, not sure about the fish and chips but can recommend the pad Thai

Invisible Dog, I’m from Maidenhead so will probably swing past Junc. 2 on the way in for about 7 and see if you’re still there (black ZX-6R)

looking forward to it i may wash my bike tonite and get the rust off the chain looks like i maybe able to crack a smile after all

see you all wedensday night

could make my first visit this week…!! flats…what time you heading off ?.. thats if your going from home?

normaly leave for 7ish let me know if you wanna meet up

forecast is good (I am starting to sound like Michael Fish!) so hopefully I will be there.

I’ll be the one who resembles a power ranger in my new hein gericke gettup.

Greetings bikers one and all…i will be at the oakdean first then if its not to late then i will be there for sure

If i manage to get the bike back together and working as it looks like I might have the weather to do some work on her will be there, and Flats there’s a chippy round the corner.


i’ll be there after work guys…

shoul’nt be too late…he says…


I’ll should be there with some of the supermoto boys…

I’d like to go down (first time) but I’m not sure how to get to Waterloo. I work just round the corner from the Ace though - is anyone meeting there, and if so do you mind if I meet up too?