Wednesday Night at the Ace

oh yeah…

i couldnt give a shizer if ya dont like starbucks…i love it! and costa…hmm coffee…taste lovely:D

As there was only one newbie at newbie night on sunday, but even worse only one lb,er there to offer some sort of welcome maybe newbies who are this side of town would like to pop along on a wednesday and be guaranteed a better reception .
Yes i know ginge and the gang were in wales but if another host wasnt available surely it could have been posted.
see you all on wednesday

Out of the 4 hosts, Ginger and Westie were both in Wales.

Well put Zeph, can’t make tomorrow, so see you all on Friday

yes you’re right Zeph - It slipped my mind to post up about it.

ive just wiped my arse with kitchen roll as ive run out of toilet paper:D.


you may want to get some aloe that stuff can be rough!:w00t:

aye…but treated my arse with a baby whipe for compansation;)…pleasure and pain type thing:).


Ace works for me, much warmer and I’m not good in the cold!

Right can someone please make an executive decision as to where the wednesday meet is going to be please.

Since finding LB i have been a regular attendee to the wednesday meet which till now has been at BM, now there seems to be a split with some members prefering the Ace due to weather and distance to BM, (which is total bo77ox) surely distance has a small relevance to meet up with fellow members. I understand the cold weather is coming and yes the Ace does have more seating, but come on people/admin/hosts please can we resolve this matter.

I am willing to go to either venue and i do have a fair distance to travel to both. It seems a shame that there are a few people that are willing to mix it up just for their own gains and lack of effort to attend the official meet, instead of finding an alternative venue unless the Ace is the best we have come up with?

So are we going to carry on with BM on a wednesday or move over to the Ace because its getting too cold?

Personally i know this great pub in Bracknell, Berkshire we could all meet at then i wouldn’t have to travel either (that was sarcasm) by the way.

So whos out wednesday and where will we be?

This isn’t an official meet, it’s just some guys that would prefer not to ride all the way to BM, I for one will be spending most of my wednesdays at the Ace as i have done for the last few months, It’s purely a geographical choice. :smiley:

BM is still the official weekly meet as far as I am aware, this post was just put up to let people who did not wish to go to BM know that there will be LBer’s at the Ace as well, not trying to move the Wednesday meet at all, the subject of changing the location was bought up in a recent post and I think Jay posted to say BM will still be the venue for the weekly meet :slight_smile:

ace sounds like a good plan, see u all there

Getting tired of this bullsh*t…

PJ…see you at BM then? we have to discuss my new ride!!:smiley:

Did you want the keys then fella;)

you know what…if your willing mate i would love a go!! i mean it! i would be oh so very very carefull on it!:smiley:

Not bullsh1t, was not meant to divide or p1ss people off, I make the trip to BM once in a blue moon because I can’t be bothered with the traffic at the best of times let alone when it’s wet, windy and raining (I am not a FWB)

The ace was just offered as an alternative, only letting people know there will be some LBer’s at the Ace too :smiley:

C’mon tig that aint how it looks is it… pretty much same thing happened with poppins…dont you ever get bored of ace??

Spot on!

The LB Meet is at Borough.

I’ve said many times before people come along if they can and if people can’t then that’s fine.

For some people the Ace is a closer/more convenient option and as far as I can see this thread is just to let people know that they’ll be some LB’ers at The Ace on Wednesday as indeed they are on any day of the week.

This isn’t to say choose one or the other far from it… hell - why not do both - meet at the Ace early on and when the traffic clears make the short run to Borough / Clapham / Chelsea Bridge / Stunt Spot or where ever takes you fancy!


It looks to me like a few LBers meeting at the Ace instead of BM, nothing more nothing less!!! Don’t you get bored of BM mate???