Wednesday Night at the Ace

[Drum roll…]
Seeing as so many non/seldom-Borough go’ers said they would prefer to go to the Ace on a wednesday Night, now the winters coming

on this

There’s a few of us that have been going to the Ace on a wednesday, so feel free to drop by and say Hello.

We’ll Be there from 7ish :slight_smile:

This is the official LB wednesday night meet at Borough Market Meet:)

i might have some of that:)

I WILL have some of that :smiley: Tea/coffee on tap(no walk for us) and proper food available, The Ace also has WiFi available now :smiley:
I love the Ace me :smiley: Far more sociable;)

I’ll ave some wednesday action at the ace :w00t:

opps… I forgot about that… I am in and second the motion:)

I’m more likely to be there than BMM :cool:

well i’ll be at BMM…

i recently discovered starbucks nearby…love starbucks…

and i go ace on a friday(not everyweek) and i pop in there/meet mates there teh weekends…

besides…it aint that fuggin cold!:smiley:

nice one show me starbucks!!!:smiley:

Got to say it but Starbucks makes the worst coffee ever! The stuff is quite revolting. It almost as if they distilled the very worst from all the labour sleaze bags into a brown shitty liquid and heat it up and pour it into a cup.

shudder Horrible stuff.

Well put K.

Lucky there’s a nero aswell then…but I may do both. BMM and ACE.

This is the place to go if you want good coffee at BM - Amano.

Walk past Roast and the sushi bar, under the bridge to the end of Stoney St.


Fug off Garret, this is a post about NOT going to BM, feel free to post this on the BMM thread :smiley:

Don’t really care about all the ponsey coffee shops at Borough, I’m going to the Ace :smiley: :wink:

Ace hot chocolate on a cold day - mmmmm:)

You coming to join us then? :smiley:

Not on Wednesdays, we usually go on Saturday & Sunday:)

Fug you mate! Wasn’t me who started the OT discussion! :wink:

In reply to your PM Garret this image was directed at you in that previous post!!!

if its dry and im not too from work…your on…:cool: