Wednesday meet

Are there any Newbies going to the Borough Market meet tonight. If so what time are you planning to be there???

will lots and lots of newbies tonight… We are all effectively newbies to this meet as it is the first one…
I will be there by 19:00 but I am sure a fr will show up earlier than that

I’m coming up for about 7:30pm.

Make sure you pop along and don’t be shy and just introduce yourself!

I finish work at 5.30 and I’m only the other end of Borough High Street - don’t want to get there too early If anyone local to Borough wants to join me for a coffee first PM me

I will be popping along, I’ll try to get down there for 7ish. I will be Billy no mates So please say HI!!!

Hi, I am a newbie, only signed up yesterday. Planning on getting there about 7.00pm.

i have no idea where this place is

Bugger - can’t go now. Have to go to over to Essex

I will be there about 6:30.

See you all there!

Great hopefully meet everyone then.

My bike is DEAD! Wont start so I wont be there