Wednesday Lunch at Chichester (Oving actually)

Leaving Box Hill at around 11.00ish tomorrow to travel down to this pub for lunch.

Return via tea at Loomies and onto the Blackheath Teahut.


Not going now as a mincab drove into me this afternoon while staionary and knocked me down; luckily right in front of a police officer, so a perfect witness.

Well what do u know, I happen to be off!!

And I’m already south with my new wheels!! See u there Martin! :wink:

what bike mate? hope your ok

Oh no! Are you ok?

Oh yeh I just read that, hope ur ok… and the bike?!! :frowning:

Thanks I’m basically ok, apart from a sore lower back. It was the Daytona; could have been worse and will now spend tomorow sorting out new tail tidy (buckled when he hit me) and replacing broken indicators.

Thats rough, glad you are not badly hurt, Whisky is your friend, so is Ibuprofen:hehe:

Sorry to hear about your mishap - glad your in one piece; was it Addison Lee?

Thanks James, no it wasn’t AL (though could so easily have been with their lack of situational awareness), but a local Clapham minicab firm called KVC.

You’ve gone and dropped it again, have’nt you:w00t::smiley:

Yes, but I was pushed from behind :w00t: (rather like Humpty Dumpty :stuck_out_tongue: ) but this time it’s on police video :rolleyes:

Also dropped it on the other side this morning (but that’s another story :hehe: )

Hope your ok Martin, will call tomorrow.

Thanks Paul, I’m fine apart from a ‘dented’ ego due to today’s U turn c*ck up :crying:

Matt at OMC was his brilliant self in plastic welding the rear light fitting and straigthening the tail tidy that yesterday’s idiot ran into, while replacement parts are on order.

so you wobbled on a u-turn? and then later that day got hit from behind? crikey. I very very nearly hit the deck turning in a road the other day, easily done if your tired imo.

Can you get all parts repaired off the one claim of the taxi guy?